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“Children's Learning Place continues to give me direction and support which is much needed and appreciated. I am very happy with my job and have them to thank for it.”
— J. Bromley (Nanny)
“The Nannies of Children's Learning Place really helped give me a straight idea about parents expectations here in Chicago. Out of any agency that I went through, I felt like I was really treated like a professional and was given the best resources and information.”
— L. Duncan (Nanny)
“Children's Learning Place made the entire process clear and simple. I thank them for their many answers and for their great support. I appreciate all their time, effort and help. They made me feel comfortable from the very first phone call. My nanny is everything I had hoped for!”
— The Harris Family
“Working with Children's Learning Place is a great asset to my family. It was great to have someone so accessible to help with interviewing and to guide me throughout the process.”
The Kelly Family
“I love working with Children's Learning Place. I meet lots of great families and I now have a job that I love!”
— E. Barry (Nanny)
“Children's Learning Place came highly recommended but was unsure about hiring a nanny.  Children's Learning Place turned out to be a great experience and I am very thankful for their help.  Their help to assess the exact needs of my family and then to help me get it will never be forgotten.  Thank you CLP.”
— The Francis Family




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