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The Nannies of Children's Learning Place screens our families, as well as our nanny candidates. All families must meet our "Conditions of Placement" before we will agree to work with them. We simply will not work with a family if we feel their job will result in a frustrated, over-worked nanny.
ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL FAMILY seeks loving, mature, live-in nanny to care for 4 yr. old boy, and 9 mo. girl. We live in a 3,500 sq. ft. home, with a separate 3rd floor bedroom, sitting room, and bath for the nanny.
We are very active, social, and considerate. We are seeking someone who can handle all aspects of caring for our children. This would including planning and preparing their meals, dressing, bathing, playing, reading to them, and when necessary, reinforcing discipline. Additionally, we are seeking someone who can drive our 3 yr. old to play-dates , playgrounds, museums, the beach, and pre-school at 8:30AM, or 12:30PM. She should enjoy strolling our 9 mo. old. Our nanny will be responsible for keeping the children’s rooms and play spaces tidy and for their laundry. The nanny’s five day, M-F work week will require 50–55 hours, or approximately a 10–10 1/2 hour days.
We typically travel to Lido Beach, Florida, and various other trips. We are seeking a nanny who is excited to travel with us as a family. Salary, and benefits are all negotiable, based on experience. We provide our nanny with a 2001 Volvo Station Wagon.


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LAKEVIEW, IL FAMILY is looking for a friendly, happy, fun-loving nanny to become a part of our family. Our position would be ideal for a person looking to take classes part-time. We have three daughters, ages 10, 6, & 4 yr. old, – all of the girls love to talk, and are looking for someone who will listen.
We are very casual, and have a very open and relaxed household with lots of family and friends who visits frequently. Both of us are very hands-on with the girls, but need some help with all their activities/homework.
The job would start at 7:00AM until 8:00AM to get the girls off to school. Then from 1:00PM until 7:00PM each day. Mornings would be free to take classes, exercise etc. We would love a person interested in sports, art projects, and the outdoors. One weekday night of sitting per week. We also have a full time housekeeper.
We offer our nanny a separate guest house on the property, a good distance from our home. It offers a bedroom, bath, kitchen, living room, and exercise room. We love to travel to the Caribbean in the winter, and spend time on our boat/and home in during the summer. We also provide our nanny a separate car for her use. Salary $400.00-$600.00, based on experience.
GOLD COAST, IL FAMILY seeks a loving, patient, committed nanny for our two young boys ages 4 and 2. We live on a community within walking distance to parks, lake, and the L-track. We are looking for a live-out nanny to work from 8:30-6:00 Monday through Friday, with no nights or weekends.
We both work outside of the home, but we work as a team when it comes to childcare and raising our boys. We spend all of our free time together and enjoy quiet walks, playing in the yard, and visiting with relatives.
We are looking for a nanny who wants to be part of our team. We have had a great nannies in the past and are looking for a long term commitment. Our children enjoy reading, music, playgrounds and farms, so we need a nanny who can be fun and enjoys a variety of activities. She should also have lots of energy to keep up with 2 active boys! Salary up to $600 per week plus health benefits for qualified candidates.