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Our Simple 6 Step Placement Process



 At The Nannies of Children's Learning Place, it is our goal to provide the 

 best child care option for you and your family.  Whether you are an

 expecting mother or a family in need of immediate child care, we understand

 the needs of your family and are able to help you in any situation.  That is 

 why we have developed our Simple 6 Step Placement Process. 

Step I
Complete the Family Application on-line or print and return by mail or fax back Family Application
to 312-923-9886.


The Nannies of Children's Learning Place can help you find a live in nanny nationwide and a live out nanny in the greater Chicago area only.

Step II
Upon receipt of your application, one of our placement counselors will contact you to discuss your particular child care needs. We will compile a family profile from this information, and use it to match your specific needs to our nanny candidates.

Step III
You will receive a complete background profile on each Nanny. A telephone conversation with any candidates you wish to contact will follow.
The Nannies of Children's Learning Place suggests that you conduct an interview at your home, before hiring any nanny, and we will will guide you through the entire process. We encourage families and candidates to spend time together prior to placement in order to facilitate a well thought-out decision.

Step IV
If you and the candidate are both in agreement, a contract will be drafted between you and your Nanny. The basic contract is provided by T
he Nannies of Children's Learning Place and we require you to complete and sign this contract (it covers salary, employment terms, etc.) and return it to The Nannies of Children's Learning Place.

Step V
The $1,500.00 (Permanent) or $1,000.00 (Temporary) Placement Fee becomes due and payable to T
he Nannies of Children's Learning Place. Our placement fee covers the placement of the Nanny and includes our Guarantee.  Should the Nanny you hire not work out, you are eligible for up to two additional placements in a 3-month period.  For the first thirty (30) day period, effective on the starting date of employment, you may receive a refund if a replacement is not wanted or needed.

Step VI
Your Nanny starts work!!






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