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Meet Our Staff


 Jennifer Loftin, Director of Nanny Services

 Jennifer joined Children’s Learning Place in November of 2006 and brings

 with her over 10 years of experience in child development.  As a teacher and

 nanny, Jennifer has ensured the safety and well-being of countless families in

 the United States .  “It’s so important to appreciate children for who they are

 and allow them to express themselves.  As a nanny, my role was to provide a

 safe and nurturing environment in which the children could thrive.”  Jennifer

 knows first hand that not only is every child unique, but so are their family’s

 needs.  It’s with this understanding and vast experience that she has

 been appointed our Director of Nanny Services.  Holding a Master of Arts 

 degree from Auburn University, Jennifer is passionate about education and

 ongoing training for every professional at Children’s Learning Place .  “There

 are always new techniques, skills, and approaches that can be learned

 through open communication with everyone who is a part of our team.  I

 believe strongly in ongoing training for all our professionals.  Your children

 deserve the best from their nanny every day and we’ll make sure they get it.”

 Jennifer has ensured that Children’s Learning Place holds the highest

 standards in its recruitment and hiring practices.  It is a privilege to be

 entrusted with the safety and well-being of your children and only the most

 skilled professionals are invited to become a part of our staff. 


 Giannetta Freshini, Family & Nanny Coordinator
 It's my extreme pleasure to join the staff of Children's Learning place.  My

 name is Giannetta Freschini, and I am the Lead Coordinator for Children’s

 Learning Place.  A little about my background, I have 7 years of childcare

 experience.  I worked as a nanny for over 5 years, and graduated from

 DePaul University with a BS in Marketing.  My job here is to properly

 answer your questions, guide you in the right the direction, and most

 importantly find out what your needs are and meet them the best I can. I am

 pleased to assist you in any way I can, contact me for assistance.





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