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 The Nannies of Children's Learning Place makes it convenient for you to submit your family application. Please 

 fill out the form below. It will be e-mailed directly to us and we will call you right away to complete the

 application process. Or, if you wish, please open and print our family application in Adobe Acrobat and then

 either mail or fax the completed signed application to:    


The Nannies of Children's Learning Place
11 East Hubbard Street, Suite 7A
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone 312-923-9628
Fax 312-923-9886

 Personal Information


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 Please provide the following information about your children:


Name Sex DOB Grade School Schedule


 Please describe any special needs of the children:




 Please describe your home(s) including quarters for Nanny:



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Are there any pets in your home?  Yes   No
Is a car available for Nanny?  Yes   No


 Family Setting


Mother's Employer:   
Supervisor's Name & Phone:  
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Frequency and duration of travel:  


Father's Employer:  
Supervisor's Name & Phone:  
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Frequency and duration of travel:  


  Briefly describe the personality of you and your spouse:




 Please describe your family's favorite interests or hobbies




 What type of personality do you seek / what type of responsibilities will be required? Please detail average

 hours per day, approximate start and ending times, days on duty, frequency of evening sitting, travel required,





 Personal References (please provide two personal references)

  Name:    Phone: 


  Name:    Phone: 


 How were you referred to us?  


 I certify that the facts contained in this Family Application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge

 and understand that falsification of this Application in any detail is grounds for disqualification from further

 consideration for placement of a nanny. I further agree that any false or misrepresentation made on this

 Application will invalidate any right to a refund and/or replacement under the Nannies of Children’s Learning

 Place Referral Agreement.


 I authorize investigation of all statements contained herein and authorize you to contact all the references listed

 above, and others, to give you any and all information concerning employment and any pertinent information they

 may have; and release all parties from all liability for any damage that may result from furnishing same to you.


 I agree to inform the Nannies of Children’s Learning of any changes to the above information that may affect the

 nanny’s employment in my home. 



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