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 The Nannies of Children's Learning Place makes four types of placements,

 Live-in and Live-out Nanny, Baby Nurse and Babysitter positions. We place

 live-out nannies in the Chicagoland area only, and to be eligible for these

 jobs you must be living in this area already or have specific plans for where

 you will live when you move to Chicago. We have Live-in Nanny positions

 available nationwide, based on family needs. Most Live-in Nanny jobs offer

 a separate bedroom and separate bathroom for the nanny. However, some of

 those families have more privacy to offer the nannies: third floor private

 suite, basement walk-out apartment, and sometimes a separate cottage or

 suite above the garage. Those nanny jobs available tend to go to our career

 nannies and are much sought after and competitive to acquire. In all cases,

 accommodations provided  are for the nanny alone… no boyfriends,

 husbands, children, or pets would be allowed.


Our Nanny Placement Process

Become A Baby Nurse
Become A Babysitter
CPR Certification
Sample Family Profiles
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 Our minimum requirements for all nanny jobs are as follows:


¨  BA/BS degree or a minimum Two Years Professional Experience

¨  CPR/First Aid Certified

¨  Ability to make a One Year Commitment*

¨  Verifiable Work References

¨  Exceptional Personal References

¨  Current and valid U.S. Driver’s License

¨  Fluent in English (Bilingual Available)

¨  Competent swimmer

¨  Legal right to work in the U.S. without limitations

¨  Outstanding Personal Conduct


 By “professional experiences”, we mean several things and are looking for more than just casual babysitting

 references. Long term relationships, professional settings, non-family supervisors, and more than 30 hours per

 week are obviously more desirable. Teacher, Camp Counsel, Nanny, Tutor, Lifeguard, and Coach are

 some examples, but in no way would be a compete list, of the types of experiences we consider professional.

 Relevant experiences should be fairly current and verifiable, at least within the past 5 years.


 We apologize, but our families require the best for their children and as such we can only help you if you meet

 our minimum requirements.  If you have a concern, please feel free to Ask Us A Question.


 Let your nanny search start with The Nannies of Children's Learning Place.






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