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The Nannies of Children's Learning Place is pleased to offer the highest quality, reliable babysitters in Chicago. Our pool of babysitters includes College Students, Grandmothers, Teachers, Counselors, Social Workers, Nurses, and many other professionals.  Babysitter candidates are required to undergo the same screening process as our nannies. A detailed application must be submitted and verified. It includes a complete listing of their experience and a list of references. The Nannies of Children's Learning Place has Placement Specialists that will conduct a complete background check to include: reference, education and work history verification. Topics covered in the checks include verification of performance levels of their work history, verification of educational background, and most importantly, a telephone interview with each previous employer.


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The Nannies of Children's Learning Place will only certify a nanny once we have completed our investigation of the nanny's background.   Our background checks, become an important part of a family's decision process in hiring a babysitter.


We understand that families like to use our babysitters regularly and try to book certain nannies. While we make every effort to honor each request, babysitters are on first-come, first served basis and our babysitters are in high demand. Since we will supply you the opportunity to review several candidates, we recommend choosing a couple of alternatives so you are never left without an option. 
It is imperative we understand your situation completely so we can match you with the candidate that best meets your needs. Babysitters may be scheduled for a minimum of four hours and you should try to schedule a babysitter as early as possible. We are understanding towards individuals needs and will work diligently to help you with your needs.  Weekend appointments are available.





$10-$15 an hour

(client pays worker)

$10 a day per placement

(client pays agency)

Hotel Sitting

$12 an hour plus parking

(client pays worker)

$10 for half day placements (up to 6 hrs)

$15 for full day placements (over 6 hrs)

Cancellation Fee


$25 per half-day

$35 per full-day

$50 per full day or multi-day assignment


Express: $10 added to fees if babysitter is requested with less than one business day's notice

Cancellation fees: $25 per half-day; $35 per full-day; $50 per full day or multi-day assignment


*** Rates for group care or events are negotiated and based on the setting, number and ages of children, and any special needs of the client.


Please note: In order to utilize our Babysitter services, all families must complete the Family Application and the Temporary Placement Agreement. Agency fees for babysitters are charged directly through MasterCard or Visa. We only perform services for those with an active card number on file.


You should not ask a nanny about her availability for future assignments, scheduling requests should be made to us. Violation of this policy will result in Client being charged for a Temporary Nanny Placement as outlined in the Temporary Placement Agreement



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