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 The Nannies of Children's Learning Place specifically matches first-time 

 parents with nurses who educate and guide the newborn and parents

 towards a schedule; while providing second and third-time parents comfort

 and nightly sleep.  Our new-born care specialists travel directly to your

 home for complete 24-hour live-in care.  We also offer both night and day

 nurses for 8-10 hour shifts.  We even reserve your Baby Nurse prior to your 

 due date.  We also provide unprecedented back-up and emergency care for

 families who need immediate assistance. Our recommendation is to reserve

 your Baby Nurse at least two-three months in advance.  Baby Nurses are

 typically hired for a minimum of two to three weeks, while some families

 secure Nurses for several months.


 Salary is usually based on two factors: the amount of experience the 

 candidate brings to the position and the duties included in the job

 description. The average salary range for a Baby Nurse is $20 to

 $30 per hour. 


 A Family Application must be completed prior to any placement as well as a

 personal consultation with one of our consultant to determine the exact

 needs of your family.

Our acclaimed Nanny Nurse service includes:

  Partnership with an award-winning hospital, includes a certificate training 

  program given to our Care Specialists

  Educational programs for new and expecting mothers
  Full newborn care classes and nutrition classes for pregnant mothers
  Proud Member of the International Nanny Association
  Licensed and Bonded




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